Energy Saving at Gospel Oak School

Gospel Oak Primary School provides education for approximately 460 children. The school volunteered to be part of the pilot Collaborative Low Carbon School Service as they recognised they have very high energy bills and they wanted to become more energy efficient and do more to help children learn about environmental issues, and practical ways of being more environmentally friendly to fit in with their eco school ethos.

Torriano Junior School Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in schools can be achieved through conservation and technology. Catering and food equipment are a major energy consumption area. Most school budgets go on purchasing new expensive energy efficient refrigeration equipment, but does this always reduce costs. The alternative solution is to retro fit SavaWatt motor energy controls to the existing equipment. In most cases this is a cheaper option that gives greater savings.

Whipsnade zoo energy saving

Whipsnade Zoo is a located at Whipsnade, owned by the ZSL, a charity devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats. As well as extensive conservation field programmes and endangered species breeding work, ZSL is also working hard to improve the way they manage our Zoo sites to reduce negative environmental impacts and enhance ecological and social benefits.