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Cardiff City Hall

Built in the English Renaissance style, City Hall was opened in 1906, a year after Cardiff was granted its city status. Within the magnificent exterior carved from Portland stone can be found elegant rooms to meet the expectations of conference, function and event organisers. This majestic building offers a spacious venue for large-scale events yet smaller rooms are also available for more intimate gatherings and syndicate sessions.

The Issue

Cardiff City Hall was committed to a reduction in CO2, it needed to find Energy Efficient Controls that would not only be successful but also have a quick ROI. With rising energy costs there is an incentive to reduce these costs and improve the finances in the future. As well as helping to meet the carbon target, installing SavaControls also helped the City Hall’s finances.

Energy Efficient Controls

Many of the emissions came from lighting, heating and refrigeration. Where lighting and heating can be improved by installing new technology, finding Energy Efficient Controls which can be retrofitted into older stock was another hurdle. Fortunately, SavaWatt solution is ideally suited to retrofits and can be installed with minimal disruption to day to day activities.

Several sites were identified as ‘quick wins’ at an early stage and the results from these installations encouraged the council to continue with the implementation of SavaWatt Energy Efficient Controls across Cardiff.

Energy Efficient controls