Installation of SavaControls to the compressors resulted in

  • SavaControls were chosen by Oxford University at their Old Road Campus Research Building
  • Over 400 SavaControls fitted at Oxford University
  • Fitted to Ultra-low temperature -80 freezers

ORCRB History

The Oxford University Old Road Campus Research Building (ORCRB) opened as a new purpose built, state of the art research facility located in Oxford. The ORCRB brings together renowned specialists in cancer, providing unrivalled expertise, resources and collaborative opportunity. The ORCRB is at the heart of the University of Oxford’s world leading research into cancer. The University’s partnership with local hospitals means that science and medical care are integrated more closely than anywhere else. This is translational research at its very best – research that translates basic science discoveries into new and better ways of diagnosing, treating and preventing cancer.


Savacontrols were chosen by Oxford University at their Old Road Campus Research Building. Savacontrols are used across a number of manufacturers and models such as -80 freezers , under bench fridge or freezers to tall fridges or freezers. Over 400 controls were installed across all laboratories in the building. Savacontrols are designed and manufactured in the UK. We offer free no obligation surveys for all our customers and all controls are installed by our qualified teams.