Installation of SavaControls to the compressors resulted in

  • Savings from the heat pumps ranged between 15% and 22%,
  • 2 ½ year payback on the overall installation cost
  • Easy Retrofit to existing equipment

Nationwide Building Society was working to improve the energy efficiency of over the local branches sited around the country. Savacontrols were retrofitted to existing air conditioning units, heat pumps, refrigeration and air handling units to reduce their electricity consumption without affecting performance in any way. A trial installation on four Nationwide branches with both single and three phase heat pumps was commissioned.

The electricity consumption was then monitored. “These trials demonstrated that the average savings from the heat pumps across the four sites ranged between 15% and 22%, offering a better than 2 ½ year payback on the overall installation cost” said David Bailey, Nationwide group energy manager (2001)

Following these successful results, the first phase of the roll out across the branch network started in June 2002 with the first 59 being completed to program. The second phase, a further 160 branches, was completed in July 2003 and Nationwide’s intention is for the program to continue in annual tranches across their entire branch network.