Installation of SavaControls to the compressors resulted in

  • Savings on electricity to the Portcullis House kitchens was 32% for the year
  • Savings on electricity to the House of Commons kitchen was 45% for the year
  • Payback under 3 years

Figures from Twenty-ninth report of the House of Commons Commission Financial Year 2006/07

Portcullis House was officially opened to provide offices for Members of Parliament and their staff, supplementing the limited space in the Palace of Westminster and surrounding buildings. It was a requirement of the brief that the building should set an example in energy saving and this has had a profound effect on its structure and features.
Savawatt controls were installed to kitchen refrigeration equipment with estimated savings on electricity to the kitchens based in Portcullis House of 32 per cent for the year and 45 per cent for the main House of Commons kitchen.