Installation of SavaControls to the compressors resulted in

  • SavaWatt Controls refrigeration controls giving a 15% energy saving.
  • C02 Reduction 11,216kg
  • Project payback under 2.0 years

St Andrews is Scotland’s first university and the third oldest in the English speaking world, founded in 1413. Over six centuries it has established a reputation as one of Europe’s leading and most distinctive centres for teaching and research. St Andrews University is a leading Scottish University with a student population of seven thousand, a staff of two thousand, and a built estate of 238,000 square meters. The University’s Sustainable Development vision is “to be recognised locally and internationally as a world-class institution that leads by example, fully integrating sustainable development into all that we do”.

Savawatt controls part of the university energy efficiency projects

Nearly all the refrigeration equipment in the University had poor efficiency. A program of installation of Savawatt refrigeration motor controls was started with the residences kitchen and student fridges, giving a 15% energy saving. This was successful, so all scientific fridges (including the –80C freezers) were targeted. No problems were encountered, and now every suitable fridge or freezer in the University has been modified. Finally all air conditioning units which do not have R22 (to be phased out) or inverter control (already energy efficient) have been modified.

With an annual energy bill of £3.1 million and carbon footprint of over 16,000 tonnes of CO2 St Andrews was eager to benefit from the Salix scheme, which it joined in December 2006. The Salix fund enables the University to more easily fund energy reduction projects. Setting up a ring-fenced carbon reduction fund, and the requirement to spend a proportion every six months has revolutionised the amount of energy efficiency projects undertaken