Cutting  carbon  emissions  as  part  of  the  fight  against  climate  change  should be a  key priority for local authorities

Savacontrols are a cost effective and faster way to achieve Cutting  carbon  emissions

Climate Change

Bracknell Forest Council made a commitment to tackle the causes and effects of climate change. This was one by adopting the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change. They refreshed their commitment to action on climate change by becoming a signatory to Climate Local. The Local Government Association’s successor to the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change.

Bracknell  Forest  Council  was  selected,  amidst  strong  competition,  to  take  part  in  this  ambitious   programme.   Bracknell   Forest   Council   partnered   with   the   Carbon   Trust   on   this  programme  in  order  to  realise  vast  carbon  and  cost  savings.  This  Carbon  Management  Plan  commits the council to a target of reducing CO2 by 25% by 2012 and underpins potential financial savings to the council of around £4.4 million.

The Library contains areas of offices but also has many specialised storage areas for the books. These areas need to be maintained at stable temperatures and humidity levels  in order to appropriately care. Despite this Whitegrove Library set a target to reduce the energy used. Savawatt reduced the consumption on the air conditioning systems, whilst still maintaining the required temperature and humidity conditions

Savacontrols were installed at the Whitegrove Library to help it become a Green Building. Savawatt offer a range of of energy saving, intelligent, fully integrated controls. In the case of the council we installed to the existing air conditioning systems on site. The benefit of retro fitting is to save on the expensive costs of an upgrade and prolong the life of existing working equipment.

Bracknell Forest Council savawatt