If your business has equipment with AC induction motors such as refrigeration or airconditioning equipment, energy costs are likely to be one of your major overheads.

SavaControls, can give you substantial and continuing savings in your electricity bills, without replacing your existing equipment. As well as saving you money SavaControls will effectively also reduce your carbon footprint.

As well as savings money and energy, SavaControls also protect your valuable equipment by reducing energy wastage in electric motors running at low load. But they do not affect the motor’s output nor impair the performance of the equipment in any way by virtually eliminating wasted power. On refrigeration for example SavaControls ensure that refrigeration units run cooler and with less vibration, enhancing motor life and reducing noise.

SavaControls pay for themselves from day one, by making immediate savings in energy costs. The controls effectively pay for themselves in most cases within a few years. The typical return is normally between 40-50% in the first year, offering an attractive and rapid return on investment.


SavaControls can be fitted onto almost any AC induction motor.
These are found on things like:
• Refrigeration
• Air-Conditioning units
• Rocks Crushers
• escalators,
• conveyor belts
• mixing machines
…..to name a few