Savawatt Voltage optimisation

savawatt the only British manufacturing member at @ESTAEnergy for voltageo ptimisation technology.
All our Savawatt Voltage optimisation is installed by our ECA electrician complying with BS7671 (if in the UK) and all subsequent amendments.

SavaAir Free Air Cooling for Cellars

Based on our patenting algorithms, the SavaAir Cellar Energy Management can help reduce cellar running costs by up to 50% in the right conditions! By using the cooler external ambient air, the SavaAir system can override the cellar system to cool the inside environment giving Free Air Cooling. This simple method considerably reducing electricity consumption.…

Optimise building performance with SavaPower

Optimise building performance At Savawatt we see every building start at a different point on its sustainability journey. While this creates efficiency challenges, it also allows greater efficiency opportunities. Savawatt Controls have been helping the sustainability of buildings for over 30 years. This experiences allow us to give greater services on the market. SavaPower Voltage…