SavaControls Energy Saving NHS Prince Philip Hospital

SavaWatt Controls have been used by NHS Prince Philip Hospital to help reduce not only running costs but help lower their CO2 output levels. The NHS represents 3% of total UK carbon emissions with an annual energy bill of over £500m. This contributes to the largest capital spend programme in Europe. The Government will inevitably require significant energy savings.

Savawatt helps at Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI)

The The Bristol Royal Infirmary BRI is a teaching hospital with close links to Bristol University and provides acute medicine and surgery, critical care, trauma, orthopaedic and accident & emergency services to the population of the southern part of Bristol. It also provides the centre for cardio-thoracic services for the southwest region

SavaWatt Energy Savings at Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Birmingham Children’s Hospital is a leading UK specialist paediatric centre, offering expert care to 90,000 children and young people from across the country every year. Providing the highest quality treatment and care to young patients, supporting their loved ones and advancing medical innovation has been has been the driving force behind the hospital since first opening