Wycombe District Council saves on air conditioning

Wycombe is a local government district in Buckinghamshire in south-central England. Its council is based in the town of High Wycombe. The air conditioning was identified as a major overhead in energy and running costs. SavaControls were chosen as they give substantial savings in electricity bills, without replacing the existing equipment and reduce the onsite CO2.

SavaPlug help with domestic fridges at Worcester Court

The best way to save on the running costs is to reduce the consumption on the ac motor inside the fridge/freezer. SavaWatt produces energy saving motor controllers called SavaControls for retrofitting to refrigeration. SavaControls are the only Patented fixed speed motor controllers specially designed to reduce the electrical consumption of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors.

Energy Efficient Controls at Cardiff City Hall

Improve energy efficiency of your chillers and refrigeration systems with our Savawatt energy efficient controls. UK manufactured controls to make your fridge and freezer more energy-efficient. Only controls the compressor and maintaining temperatures consistently will keep your food cool and your energy bills down.