KwikSave is a British discount supermarket chain, originally founded in Wales, with stores across the United Kingdom. It went into administration in 2007, but was brought back in April 2012. Its stores were small to medium-sized high street supermarkets, mainly located in areas with below average incomes.

Energy is a rapidly increasing issue for retailers. As big utilities users, energy costs can usually represent the second highest store expense. SavaPower helps retailers looking for a smart new way to reduce their energy costs.

How does it work

SavaPower is a simple way for businesses to reduce their electricity bills 24/7. It uses a technique called Voltage Optimisation which reduces your voltage, thus reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint. SavaPower has been installed since 2002 and is a well established and proven technology, especially in the UK where electricity is supplied at an average of 240 Volts.

Electrical equipment manufacturers produce products which can be used all over the world, products for Europe are designed to work across a wide voltage range, (207 Volts to 253 Volts). Many appliances operate most efficiently at around 220 Volts. When your voltage exceeds this level, energy is wasted in both heat and vibration, which costs you money and significantly reduces the life span of your electrical appliances.

The SavaPower unit was fitted to a new modern built Kwiksave in Newhall. SavaPower conducted a free survey of the premise and calculated a saving level over 13%. The SavaPower was installed in a short time during out of trading hours by Savawatt engineers and due to the high voltage is making a 18.9% saving for the owners.